P & Q: Boca Negra

Mmmmm. Chocolate. What to do to make this the best? What should we know?


36 thoughts on “P & Q: Boca Negra

  1. I made this last week for a friend’s birthday. it is spectacular. SPECTACULAR.
    be careful not to accidentally flambe the bourbon/sugar syrup (like I did–no harm done, but it was exciting)
    I had to rig up a double boiler to encorporate the butter
    I’ll be making it again next monday for my mom’s birthday. I’m going to try to cut a few TBS of butter out of it this next time.

  2. I found it very exhausting to stir in the butter. The warmth comes only from the bourbon-sugar mix and cooles fast. After the second piece of butter I already thought, gosh is this tiring. Finally I moved the pot to my induction-stove and turned on only the lowest temperature possible (for not to heat the butter too much, otherwise it would seperate from the chocolate). That did work fine.
    But for sure, this recipe is worth all effort and the result is pure chocolate-delight!

  3. Mine is in the oven right now and I went the food processor method, not because I am lazy (though I see alvarosa found it tiring to whip in the butter) but because I was intrigued. I didn’t use bourbon (don’t like) – Cointreau for me. The food processor method was a revelation! I hope this turns out because it’s going to become a standard in my house if it does!

  4. Oh and a word on the cream. I have used a similiar cream in the Thomas Keller TKOs (oreos) and learned that you don’t need to make it the day before. I had mine in the fridge for only 2 hours and took it out and whipped it on high speed for a couple of minutes and it firms up nicely.

  5. I think the cream could have used slightly less bourbon than the recipe called for. But it was a big hit with our Super Bowl crowd as it was! It also could have been good whipped up after sitting in the fridge – it was quite dense, so perhaps it could have been lighter, but I don’t know how that would work. The cake was slightly undercooked and was like a pudding cake – so good though! Had our food processor not been in the dishwasher, I would have liked to try that technique.

    • Yes definitely the cake was more like a pudding cake – so dense and rich. I reckon a couple more minutes in the oven wouldn’t have hurt mine. I did not use bourbon in the cake (Cointreau for me!) and no alcohol in the cream. The cream was RICH and I think I would have preferred regular unsweetened whipped cream..

  6. I made this for a Chinese new year dinner, and it got rave reviews! I also thought the butter wasn’t going to incorporate, and tried to soften the butter. This *almost* caused the chocolate mixture to separate, but I kept stirring and it became smooth again.

    I didn’t take photos before dinner, and now it’s all gone. Hmmm….

  7. Great tips. Mine is in progress now. I didn’t make the cream ahead of time, but stuck my tupperware bowl in the snowbank (thank you Nemo) and it seems to be firming up nicely. Used Chambord in the cream (thank you for the idea, Mardi) in lieu of bourbon. Not sure what I am going to use in the cake (bourbon or something else???)

  8. I also had to use a double boiler to incorporate the butter. The cake came out way too mushy for me. I’ve got it in for another 15 minutes. I substituted Frangelico for the bourbon.

  9. This one was a big hit at our house. I opted out of the white chocolate cream, thinking that the 17-year-old wouldn’t appreciate the booziness of it. However, she loved the cake. I served it with regular whipped cream and lightly sweetened mashed raspberries.

  10. Just made this today. Fabulous! I had to give it an extra 20 minutes though. It is like a flour less cake…nice and silky. Really good….cannot say enough good things about it….and with the white chocolate sauce! Wow.

  11. I cooked mine for 35 minutes and it cracked a little, but the cracks came together some when it cooled. I did the food processor method and it’s so easy. Big hit. I would halve the white chocolate cream recipe next time. I also added a pinch of salt to the cream, and an 1/8 tsp to the cake.

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