Thanks for the feedback on hosting. Looks like we’ll be cycling back through people who have already hosted, though I’ll give priority to someone who hasn’t yet had a chance.

Croissants – Amanda of Girl+Food=Love

Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies – Peggy of Galettista

6 thoughts on “Hosts!

  1. I sent an email saying that i wanted to host because I hadn’t hosted yet, but I never heard anything back.
    pastrybrush at gmail dot com

  2. Thank you, ladies, for stepping up to host. I’m happy to host one of the recipes in April (or any other time) if someone wants to assign something to me. I just need a nudge.

  3. Sorry for the confusion, everyone. The e-mail was for contact purposes for photos when you are the host. The host volunteering should be done on the site. I’ll be clearer for April’s hosts.

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