Tuesday Chatter

So, this was a two day recipe. Was it worth it? Is this something you’d make again, or are you happy to say you’ve done it and now you can go back to buying them? Do tell!

31 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. I have a new respect for the croissant. I will probably go back to buying them once mine are gone. It was very educational, though. I feel like I can definitely appreciate and savor the croissant more than I could prior to making my own. Good experience, but not to be repeated.

  2. Missing on the croissant making. New Grandbaby coming and I won’t be home. It looked a little overwhelming after watching the video. Impressed by all that completed this one!

  3. Having expected the worst, it was do-able-! Takes a long time and will be easier in winter than Aussie summer. Looks very impressive though, and I would like to make croissants again.

  4. I would like to try it again because I feel that I messed up the proofing, so mine didn’t come out as nicely as I would have liked. But with all these leftover chocolate batons, I just have to give it another whirl at some point. I too am glad for the experience.

  5. I had a fail :( I wasnt able to make them and I am disappointed. I had a busy weekend and I thought for sure I could pull it off but nope… I ended up messing up after the first roll and it went downhill from there.

      • I’ve heard that European butter contains less water and has a much better flavor. I was reading a Cook’s Illustrated article about croissants a couple years ago and they highly recommended only using a high quality butter! I guess if the end result is going to taste as buttery as these things do…you might want to use the best tasting stuff around. Good to know it worked out with your batch! :)

  6. I’ll try them again. I messed up with the first step – the dough. It was too tight and refused to roll. Then on it was downhill. Each fold took me almost an hour to roll. Not sure if it is supposed to be this way.

  7. I tried and failed. my butter melted out of them while proofing.
    not sure that I’ll try it again since the weather in florida is not usually cool enough to work with this quantity of butter.
    I’m seriously concerned about making puff pastry. I hope we don’t attempt it until next winter sometime!

    • I agree that the temperature of the kitchen is key. It’s been cold here in Maryland, but my kitchen gets morning sunshine. It heated up my work table and made it hard to cut and shape the croissants.

  8. I’ve done croissants before, but this seemed really quite easy compared to my memory of the last attempt. Weather. I’ll have to remember that: make croissants in the cool of winter. So the verdict is…very glad I tried this one. I’ll be making croissants again. I do not have access to good croissants and even though these take a. long. time. to. make. they were fairly simple. Thanks for my first Tuesdays with Dorie project!

  9. Making croissants turned into as three day event, though the actual working time wasn’t so bad. Not sure what others thought, be these were very buttery, perhaps too much so. I’d be tempted to make them with 12 oz of butter instead of 18. In bakers’ math that’s still 66% butter.

    I still have half my dough, so I’ll be doing the Chocolate variation next week.

  10. I really enjoyed this recipe, even if it took three days. It was easy to work the mixing and the turns into my schedule. I can see me making these again, although I’m not sure that it would be good for my waistline.

  11. I’m just getting around to making them now… did anybody leave the dough in the fridge for longer than 8 hours? Would nearly 24 hours be ok, or would it ruin the dough?

  12. I made them again. My favourite bread bakery sold me some compressed yeast and I didn’t put steaming water in the oven when proofing. They turned out so much better…really amazing! So glad I was able to make a good batch!

  13. I’ll be making them this weekend with my mom – better late than never, and we decided it’d be best for two sets of hands! Can’t wait to read through all the blogs to get some idea of how they went!

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