P & Q: Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

Seems like a nice little break after the time consuming recipe of last week. What do we need to know to make these yummy?


28 thoughts on “P & Q: Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. This recipe calls for plump, moist apricots. Fresh? Dried? Not in season here in California. I guess I will have to use sulfured apricots being they are softer than the unsulfured or dehydrated ones.

  2. I would think dried as well. I don’t have any, but was thinking of maybe substituting dried cherries. I love the flavour of cherries and chocolate together. I actually make a great cookie by Martha Stewart with that combo.

  3. I’m not sure I can write an entire post about these. Everyone in my house had the same, one-word response: “ick.”

    Oh well, I guess they can’t all be winners!

  4. Just out of the oven and they smell good! I put the dough in the fridge overnight and it was VERY stiff this morning so there was no “dropping” of the mix on the baking trays – more like a play doh consistency and with the chocolate chips it was hard to make small (tablespoon-sized) shapes so mine ended up huge! I halved the recipe and it made 15, not the 24 it should have. Next time I would definitely make smaller ones – they spread a LOT!

  5. I used instant espresso powder, which I guess isn’t an equal substitute for coffee powder! I feel like I shouldn’t be tasting these before bed since they have such a strong flavor — my roommate said they made her tongue tingle. Also, I didn’t splurge on good chocolate – just used the chocolate chunks hanging out in my pantry. Not sure these are my favorite. They ended up quite thin, apart from the chocolate chunks and the apricots (only in half the batch).

  6. Mine turned out super thin as well… so thin I could barely get them off of the cookie sheet without breaking them, even after letting them rest a while. I only did half the batch, the rest is still in the refrigerator, is there anything I can do to make them more plump? It seems that all that great chocolate just melts, it doesn’t stay in chunk form… Hmmm. I am hoping to figure out how to make the last half better so I don’t waste all that expensive chocolate and dried fruit! Any thoughts?

  7. Just pulled a pan of these out of the oven. I would recommend that you use parchment paper so they are easy to remove from the pan. I didn’t refrigerate the dough and the cookies look beautiful. Nice and full and they taste great. I used only 1 tablespoon of instant coffee ( expresso ) though.

    • I did refrigerate the dough overnight and mine were still thin and hard to remove. So the second pan I let cool on the cookie sheet for about 5 minutes before I tried to remove them and they were more intact. I did use parchment paper. It would really have been a mess if I hadn’t.

  8. I cut the chocolate chips down to 6 ounces…I don’t like many chips in mine; also, used 3 Starbucks Via packs. They came out great. Had to limit kiddos to one a day due to caffeine!

  9. Mine turned out great too! I didn’t use an entire pound of chocolate, either, though. I used one Starbucks via pack, and could really taste the coffee flavor. I wish I had used a combo of white and dark chocolate, but I just used dark. I will definitely make these again ;)

  10. Thanks for the note on Starbucks Via packs – I’m thinking I will look for decaf so we don’t become overly animated after eating these :-)

    Anyone have tips for chopping chocolate? I feel like it always splinters into a combination of overly large chunks plus tiny shards when I try to chop it.

    • i like to put my choco bars iin the microwave for like ten seconds at a time until it just starts to soften. Obviously you don’t want it to melt, but if it’s slightly softened you’ll get nice cubes and not so many broken shards.

      • Thanks. This is a great tip – I tried it, and it really helped me cut the chocolate into chunks instead of splinters. I had a one pound block of chocolate, so it took a few bursts of 10 seconds to make it slightly soft.

  11. Since there were a couple people who said the coffee flavor was too strong I decreased the coffee powder (espresso) to 1tbs and used 1 tbs cocoa powder to round out the amount of dry ingredient.

    As an odd little side note – this recipe was VERY similar to the recipe on the back of the tollhouse bag. I think the only difference I spotted was a 1/4c of flour and BwJ specified dark brown sugar, and then obviously the coffee component.
    Haven’t baked them yet but based on the cookie dough flavor I think they’re gonna turn out really well!

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