10 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. Definitely a winner.
    I’ll write the recipe with permanent colored markers on my wall, so that it does not disappear within the years. :-)

    Really easy to make (I used a stand mixer. Respect to all the bakers that used their hands) and sooo quick!
    Delicious. Absolutely Delicious.

    PS. I’ve invited a friend of mine, to show her how easy it is – and how yummy it turns out! She’s coming in 4 hours!

  2. A few bakers have mentioned that the seam of their loaf did not stay closed. I interpreted the directions to flour the edge so it would pop open, giving the bread its rustic look. Me, I forgot to put the seam side up before placing in the oven so my loaf did not get that wonderful look to it. Next time! So far everyone’s bread is looking perfect!

  3. I really liked the taste of this bread, but was anyone else’s dough really really sticky before making it into a loaf? I had to add another 1/3 cup of flour at least to give it enough structure to shape it.

  4. Hi,

    This was a great bread! Is I should say! I agree with Amy, the dough did get a little sticky and I added a little flour. My new mixer did itself proud by mixing this dough. I followed Dawn idea of rolling up cheese, chives and parsley in the loaves and my family eaters were delighted. This time of year, we are outside alot, gardens, fields or whatever, and this bread is a natural to grab on the go for a snack or lunch. Next time I will be more generous with the ‘stuffings’. And the texture was wonderful!


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