P & Q: Rewind!

It’s a rewind Tuesday. (4/30) What did you miss that you want to try, and do you have any questions?


4 thoughts on “P & Q: Rewind!

  1. This is a question in regard to the baby cakes. Out of curiosity what is the cost of rhubarb in your area? I was just at Safeway in the Bay Area and it is 2.99 PER stalk! The recipe is calling for 6 to 7 stalks. No way am I paying twenty one dollars just in rhubarb. I’ll hit the farmer’s market this weekend to see if I can get a better deal.

    • Ouch – I don’t think I’ve ever had to pay for rhubarb in my life; but in order to make these in early May, it looks like I may have to go buy some. (Rhubarb doesn’t come in season in Upstate NY until late May/ early June).

  2. Oh my, I found it for $2.49 per lb. at Tom Thumb in The Dallas, Texas area. Are you sure that price wasn’t per pound?

    • Oh maybe… I swear it said each and they were not bundled together – or maybe just the bundle on top was loose. Looking at their website it says they are .82 cents each. I’ll have to go back and check again. Thanks!

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