P & Q: Fresh Rhubarb Upside Down Baby Cakes

What if you can’t find fresh rhubarb? Can I make one big one instead of little ones? What else do you need to know?


10 thoughts on “P & Q: Fresh Rhubarb Upside Down Baby Cakes

  1. made this into one big cake. I don’t have tiny cake pans. it worked out just fine in my 11-ish inch spring form pan. (don’t be like me–wrap the pan or put it on a baking sheet. the caramel leaked out)
    delicious. and I made it out of white whole wheat flour….couldn’t even tell

  2. I used a twelve inch cake pan. Too large in my opinion. I think a ten inch would be a better option. Still this turned out great. Liked this one.

  3. I used rhubarb – it was a perfect balance of sweet and tart against the caramel. I also subbed Greek yogurt for the crème fraîche and it worked really well.

  4. I split the batter and the topping between two pans — one 8-inch cake pan, and one cast-iron skillet that was probably 7 inches or so. Both turned out wonderfully, and also made me think that if you wanted to halve the recipe to make one moderately sized cake, it’d work just fine. I almost wish I had more of the caramel and rhubarb too! A small scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream complimented the cake well.
    (I served this cake to my boyfriend’s parents last night, after having the savory brioche pockets with a green salad for dinner. An amazing meal, for sure!)

  5. I had to use frozen rhubarb. The cakes are delicious but the rhubarb looks unappetizing. Did anyone notice that the recipe said the cakes were bourbon laced, but that the recipe called for the bourbon to be added to the caramel? I had the small pans from the ginger cakes. Super moist.

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