LYL: Savory Brioche Pockets

Aaaahhhhh! And I was doing so well the past couple of times. Leave your links so we can see the greatness!

Here’s a link to a fabulous photo ( (anyone know how to move a photo from Flickr, let me know!)

Carie at Loaves and Stitches has the recipe. And the photo is hers!


55 thoughts on “LYL: Savory Brioche Pockets

  1. I had to skip this delicacy :-(
    We just came back from hospital a few days ago: my daughter got chickenpox AND pneumonia: what a nightmare! Luckily she’s much better now :-)
    Will try to catch up later (in a rewind).
    I’ve posted this message to get your LYL. Well done, Ladies!

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