So here it is…

We’re going to try going host-less for a while.  I’m still going to put up a LYL page as well as Tuesday Chatter.  If you have a particularly lovely photo, please e-mail it to our account, and I’ll try to get it up with the LYL.  We’ll see how the experiment goes.


12 thoughts on “So here it is…

  1. Yes please, do carry on with the P&Q – it really is helpfull.
    ♥ thank you
    PS: do not understand, quote”If you have a particularly lovely photo, please e-mail it to our account” unquote.
    Which account? Do I have one with TWD-Baking with Julia?
    Many thanks

    PPS: I haven’t hosted yet (and shame on me, asked only once to become one) but I am sure I am going to miss the hosting ladies. HOPE THEY WILL COME BACK
    PPPS: Are we allowed in this case to write the recipe?

  2. May I ask here a question about Savarin?
    How big (or how small) has the ring mold or boundt pan to be?
    3/4 cup of flour + water and egg do not have a lot of volume.

    Thank you ♥

    • I too was wondering about the size of the pan – not mentioned in the book. I was going to use a 10-1/2-inch flan pan but I was afraid it was not enough batter. I ended up using 24 1-1/2-inch molds and one 4-inch mold. If you watch the PBS video he doubled the recipe, but made quite a few cakes in various sizes.

  3. Ckay, the small volume worried me too when I was making this, but I just spread the batter into the base of an ordinary sized bundt pan. It doesn’t fill the pan, but it does make a nice small ring cake in the bottom of the pan.

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