P & Q: Savarin

What do you know that I need to know?

Photos to: tuesdayswithdorie AT gmail.com

The recipe is easily available online. Post to your blog if you’d like.


14 thoughts on “P & Q: Savarin

  1. I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to post comments; I’m coming back to this challenge after a hiatus. I watched the Baking with Julia video, where the pastry chef insisted on the importance of soaking the savarin while it is still warm. The cookbook says you should let it cool completely first. Any idea which way is better?

  2. There was no way one batch of the baba dough was going to fill the bundt pan I was using — even after the second rise. So I doubled the dough and I think the presentation was much better. Now we’ve got leftovers for tomorrow. Bonus!

    • I had a genuine Savarin pan, considerable less volume than the average Bundt pan, and a single batch of dough was definitely not enough. A recipe and a half at least is called for.

  3. Mine came out “thin” (large bundt pan) but cute and delicious, though.
    Did not make the berry addition but made an orange syrup and decorated with “caramelised” and “chocolatised” oranges.
    It’s already history: all gone :-)

    I imagine that the “posting on blog Tuesday-only rule still exist, does it?

    • If I remember correctly, in the video they used the same amount of syrup for double the amount of dough. They made savarin and babas. I halved the syrup and it was more than enough.

      • I used a little less than half, I’d say. I really should watch some of these videos. My questions would probably be answered. LOL Thanks for your help!

  4. This cake was my least favorite thing we’ve made, and my sister and I tossed it. It lacked flavor. On the other hand, my mom said she jacked up her syrup with orange juice and zest, and Cointreau, and that it was wonderful. The photos she texted made me jealous. So, I’d definitely recommend using something other than plain sugar-water for the syrup. At least the berries and cream were good :)

    • I too went the Cointreau route – it does add a nice touch. I did not care for the texture of this cake. Being I had no one to share with I ended up tossing them out also. Normally I do not have a problem with polishing off a dessert all to myself. ;)

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