LYL: Baked Yogurt Tart

This sounds like a perfect summer dessert, especially with the 4th of July this week. This would look fabulous on any picnic table!

Baked_Yogurt_Tart (6)

A beautiful tart made by Liz of That Skinny Chick Can Bake. Thanks Liz!


Alisa of Easier than Pie sent us her strawberry topped beauty, as well. Thank you, Alisa!


52 thoughts on “LYL: Baked Yogurt Tart

  1. Sorry but this month I won’t probably have time for baking along.
    So sorrrry!
    I’ll try to make my best to catch up – but first I need to enjoy the holiday!
    I’ll think of all of you and your beautiful tarts.
    Bye ♥

  2. We just moved and my kitchen is in boxes! I will make this and post on it and the tomato and cheese galette ( which I have made but not been able to post yet) very soon! I can’t wait to see what everyone thought of this tart! looks good!

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