August Recipe Schedule

August 6, 2013–  Eastern Mediterranean Pizzas, page 156.

August 20, 2013– Johnny Cake Cobbler, page 389, OR Raspberry-Fig Crostata, page 374.

Kind of a choose your own adventure month. :)


9 thoughts on “August Recipe Schedule

  1. Yummy!
    May I ask? Johnny Cake Cobbler, page 389 – Stone ground corn meal:
    how finely ground is it? Is it “like sand” or finely ground like flour “Masa Harina”.

    This is a problem I always have when a recipe calls for corn meal. I never know if I have to use the “sandy” or the Masa Harina. Is there a rule?
    Many thanks and happy baking!

    • Thanks for sharing! I was thinking of skipping this one – summer time here, seems more of a winter like dessert. But it looks yummy, so I may make it after all. :)

      • Cahleen, it’s absolutely delicious. Do not skip it :-)
        I did not use full fat cream but only 15% fat and it was perfect.

  2. does anyone know how it would turn out if I did the eastern med pizzas as a more traditional pizza? I’m sure that I’d love the recipe as written, but my kids would hate it.

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