P&Q: Danish Braid

This is one recipe I have never made. I may try to give it a go this weekend when I have company in.

Thoughts on fillings?



7 thoughts on “P&Q: Danish Braid

  1. We made two braids — one with homemade peach jam and the almond filling, and the other with some Trader Joe’s apricot preserves, also with almond filling. We thinned out the apricot but decided that wasn’t necessary. Both were great! I’d love a cream cheese version with homemade strawberry jam next time :)
    A few other thoughts: The glaze on top wasn’t necessary, though we used milk instead of coffee in it. It’d also be simpler to just use a pastry cutter for the first step of making the dough instead of a food processor, since you just pulse it a few times and aren’t trying to actually blend the butter in.

  2. I will be making the prune and almond cream filling. Just getting started on the dough…Since we do not have a microwave, I decided to make the prune filling on the stove – bad idea! I ended up with a caramelized prune mess. Just made the prune lekvar instead and things are looking up :)

    Did you use all the dough for the braid or did you split it in half?

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