P & Q – Challah

So, I bake challah either every week or every other week. I have my tried and true favorite, but I’ll see how this one stacks up. What do you need to know about this one?

19 thoughts on “P & Q – Challah

  1. my only issue with this challah recipe is that it calls for butter. which makes it delicious (of course.) But its a problem because if you’re serving meat for shabbat dinner–which most people do. Meat and Dairy do not go together in a kosher kitchen, and a challah with butter in it is definitely dairy.
    I call this bread more of a brioche.
    my go-to recipe has eggs and oil but no butter. and it is delicious.

    • I’m fine using butter, especially since It’ll be used for french toast. I was just pointing out an issue that I have with the recipe. I wouldn’t use it if I was making it for shabbat dinner.

    • I’ve just looked up in the book “inside the Jewish Bakery” by S. Ginsberg & N. Berg and all their Challah (Bakery Challah, Honey Whole Wheat Challah, Sweet Rich Challah, Eggless Water Challah) are made with oil and no butter at all.
      So there shouldn’t be any problems in substituting butter with oil (but no idea at which “exchanging rate”)

      • I would think that for melted butter it would be a 1-1 conversion. (liquid fat=liquid fat, right?)
        I’ll make it with the butter, I just wanted to point out an issue that I have (and other kosher bakers would have) with the recipe

  2. Oh finally the challah… I am soooo happy. Never made a challah before but read from it everywhere.
    I expect it being similar to our “Swiss Berner Zopf” (braided bread) http://sweetandthatsit.blogspot.ch/2013/04/berner-zopf-dough-fat-reduced-impasto.html#more
    But challah has far more eggs in it (at least Julia’s recipe) – for 7.25 cups of flour we just use 1 egg.

    To all challah specialists: does your favourite challah recipe take also so much eggs?
    Many thanks

  3. Nothing to do with the challah, just a quick question regarding TWD-Baking with Julia group in Facebook.
    Can I join the group or has it been closed and no more members are let in?
    Many thanks

  4. We have no one running the TWD page on FB right now. If someone would like to step up and do that for us, I would be happy to set them up as the moderator.

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