P & Q: Gingersnaps

So along with challah, the thing I bake most often in the winter are gingersnaps. We LOVE ginger at my house. Curious to see how these compare with my favorite recipe.

26 thoughts on “P & Q: Gingersnaps

      • I just did it – the dough is really wet and I had kind of a hard time forming it into a log. I put it inside a paper towel roll to try to keep the shape and I’m going to transfer it to the freezer from the fridge when I get up in the morning I think. Also, unlike everything else I’ve made from this book, this recipe makes a very small amount. I like it!

      • wow. I mixed up the dough. that is some sticky stuff. I managed to get it into log format, but not a nice one. hopefully as it cools down I’ll be able to shape it into a better round. or not. I’m sure they’ll taste good no matter what shape they are

    • okay, that dough is too wet! i reduce the water in my batch of 4x the recipe from 6 tablespoons to 5 tablespoons and i would go further, perhaps as low as 4 tablespoons. that would be 1 tablespoon per batch of dough. baking time/temp do not seem accurate either. i baked at 350 rather than 325 and they still took nearly double the time. and yes, my oven is accurate and i use a thermometer.

  1. Mine are in the oven right now – I put the log in the freezer for about an hour and a half while I made other cookies and then just tried to slice it as fast as I could with my sharpest knife. It seemed to work just fine.

  2. I just baked a few cookies and used a tree, gingerbread boy and star cookie cutter. I rolled the dough out on parchment, and worked fast. They taste delicious. I froze the rest of the dough to make the balance of the cookies next week.

  3. Just made the dough. It is surely a small amount of dough! Made two batches…and increased the cinnamon and ginger. Seems crazy to have so little spices in a gingersnap cookie! Will be baking them tomorrow.

    • It was an extremely small amount of dough! So I thought – until I baked them, and did not care for them. You were so smart to increase the amount of spices!!! Looking forward to your thoughts! :)

  4. I usually love this kind of cookies but not the ones of this recipe: too wet, too sticky and tasteless. The molasses “ruined” the cookie crust :-(
    After so many winner… I met a looser :-)

  5. did a little almost-last minute baking today. based on above comments, I doubled the spices and just used 1tablespoon water. I left off the molasses glaze and used sanding sugar instead. I think they make a fine little cookie to nibble on.

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