Tuesday Chatter

So, did these turn out for you? What did you add? What did you change? Do tell!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. Not sure that I would classify these cookies as gingersnaps. They weren’t especially gingery or snappy, but I quite liked them anyway. I upped the spices and swapped out the all purpose for spelt flour. I think the flour switch helped with the soft dough, I didn’t find it too hard to work with at all. I’d make them again.

  2. Like Renee, I tripled the spices. I tried this recipe last year and the dough was super sticky, this time around I am not sure why but it was more manageable. This year I refrigerated it overnight as opposed to last December when the dough spent 3 days in the fridge :) Before cutting the cookies, I floured heavily the kitchen counter and also sprinkled heavily the rolled out dough. I figured that the molasses glaze would take care of things.

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