January 2014 Recipes

January 14, 2014- Country Bread, pages 136 and 137.

January, 28, 2014- Vanilla Chiffon Roll, pages 277-279.

20 thoughts on “January 2014 Recipes

  1. Being there is no P&Q up, I’ll ask my question here (somewhat related to this weeks recipe):

    This is the first time in using a baker’s couche. The directions say they should never be washed. Fine. However, my couche is covered in fuzz (made of linen). This fuzz transferred over to my bread (I used it to line the colander). Have any of you had this problem? Should it have been washed prior to first use?

    • Hi Cathleen,
      I’ve washed mine at 30°C (washing mashine, wool program) and did not have any problems with it (I really did not want to use it without washing it – but that’s me!).

      This was the description on bakerybits, where I bought it:
      Quote: “A heavy-duty, high-quality woven 100% linen, 100cm x 60cm to support proving dough, especially baguettes or bâtons and lining proofing baskets. It helps give the dough a shape and wicks a little of the dough’s outer moisture away to help develop a skin to help hold the final shape.
      Linen is the best cloth fabric to use for proving dough as it has a lower tendency to stick to the dough. Dust with flour (preferably rye) to make sure that it doesn’t stick.
      When finished baking for the day, simply give the linen a good shake outside, or you can, if you prefer, just fold it up for next time. If you need to wash the couche linen, then wash in cold water.”, Unquote.

      • I’d only add two things. Don’t use it with any dough that contains eggs, dairy or butter (or if you do, wash it afterwards.) I also let mine dry completely before I fold it up and put it away. I’ve never seen any mold grow on it, but you never know.

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