26 thoughts on “P&Q: Vanilla Chiffon Roll

  1. Hi. Most of my family members are vegetarians who do not eat eggs. If I try to make an eggless then it would not be Julia Child’s recipe. Wanted your take on it. Thanks

  2. I can’t fit a 17 x 12 jelly roll pan into my oven. I also do not have such a pan for obvious reasons :) I am thinking of making a cake instead of a roll. Maybe make half of the cake batter and bake it into an 8 inch cake pan? Do you think it’s going to work? I have never baked a chiffon cake nor made a roll before so I am open to suggestions. Not sure how much this recipe yields either…

    *Thanks for posting the P&Q!

    • if you make half a recipe, bake it in at least two 8″ pans, maybe even three. when i made the cake, it filled the jelly roll pan rather full-to the top and then it puffed up and a little over the sides. with two or three layers, they will be thin but it would make a nice cake with lots of layers of mousse and chiffon.

  3. Thank you. It’s a relief to know that all of you are pretty flexible. Where it is possible to come up with an egg free version, I will definitely choose that option. Am not too sure whether a chiffon roll without eggs will work as the required leavening is provided by the eggs.
    I have an 8″ jelly roll pan and intend to use that. Make only half the quantity. Did I mention that my husband is also a diabetic and right now there are only the two of us :-). That’s why I like to give away most of the sweet things that I make.

  4. Mine wasn’t especially moist, Sunita. It was more spongy and soft…which made it perfect for rolling. BTW, mine took nearly 20 minutes to bake…I use heavy sheet pans, and it was not nearly baked through at 10-12 minutes.

  5. My cake is somewhat moist. But the filling came out well. I know the recipe states it makes 6 servings, but those are huge. I would suggest it makes 12 servings and my one regret is that I should have cut the recipe in half.

  6. My cake was also fairly spongy and on the moist side. I baked it longer, about 15 minutes I think. I made a simplified filling, with whipped cream and Nutella. That was fabulous!

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