P&Q: Onion Bialys

What do you need to know? How did it go?

Scheduling change: I have pushed this recipe back until next week, February 11, to please those who were unhappy with back to back recipes. Thanks.

17 thoughts on “P&Q: Onion Bialys

  1. Yes, easier than bagels and tasty too. Really poke them with the fork though. I thought I did (I even did it the 3 times the recipes states) and they still puffed up in the middle. Still great but not bialy-looking.

  2. For the first time EVER, I’m a week ahead! These are very tasty, but the first batch puffed too much. I used my fingers to smash the middle of the second batch right before I slid them into the oven. Much better.

  3. I also baked the bialys last night. I have never tasted a ‘real’ one before so I can’t attest to the authenticity :) They were much softer than the bagels though. I would recommend:

    1. Frying all the onion at ones and then using whatever amount is needed (and just adding the poppy seeds later on).

    2. No need to use dusted with cornmeal towels when shaping the bialys. The dough is very easy to work with and the shaping is done super fast. I would simply divide it in half and keep the other half in the buttered bowl when shaping the first batch.

    3. I did not have enough all purpose flour and used some whole wheat and it worked well.

    4. Ditto for the puffing.

  4. I made these on the weekend. I was surprised how easy they were to make. I’ve never had them before. I enjoyed the flavour of them. Definitely best the day they are made or a day later.

  5. These were straightforward, and as they say above, easier than the bagels from a previous week. I think cooking the onions all at once is a good idea – it seemed needlessly fussy to separate the batches into two cooking steps. I used King Arthur Flour Bread Flour – my go-to flour for pizza dough as well.

    I wasn’t sure how wide to stretch the circles – mine didn’t seem as puffy around the edges as the ones in the photo.

    I made them on Sunday – I was able to start this at 7:00 am, and we ate the bialys at 11:30 am for brunch. Awesome!

  6. Mine puffed even though I stabbed them viciously about 100 times with a fork. They tasted amazing with veggie cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, and smoked salmon. It was a divine meal!

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