P&Q: Cantuccini

Any questions, comments or advice?


6 thoughts on “P&Q: Cantuccini

  1. super simple. Don’t try to use a mixer — your almonds will fly everywhere (not that I would know this from personal experience or anything)!!

  2. Shaping the logs was unexpectedly challenging as the dough became (very very) extremely sticky after kneading for about a min! Had to keep flouring my hands and the kneading surface. Not sure if this is normal, but the end product was great :)

    • My dough was never “dry” as written in the book. I had to add more flour or it would not keep the log shape. I think 3 large eggs may be too much. I looked up for at the Cantuccini original recipe and for the same amount of flours it requires 2 small or 1 large egg.
      Made them 4 times – with some interesting changes ;-)

  3. When I make biscotti and I get to the shaping of the log part, I water my hands lightly and shape the dough. This seem to take care of the stickiness to a certain degree :)

    • Thanks for the tip. My Cantuccini are in the oven right now and smell delicious.
      The dough was quite wet and wetting my hands helped in shaping them.

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