P&Q: Tropical Napoleons

Any questions?  Any advice?

There’s a video here of the episode.


12 thoughts on “P&Q: Tropical Napoleons

  1. Tried making these….total disaster. Dispute greasing and flooring the baking sheet, they stuck and I could not remove them. Had to thrash it.
    Unfortunately will not be able to make it as I am off for a vacation.

  2. I haven’t assembled or eaten these yet, but I did just bake the meringue wafers. Rather than greasing and flouting my sheets, I lined them with my SilPats (I wonder if parchment would work??). I had to remove them gently and finagle my offset spatula all around the outsides before being able to slide it underneath each round, but I only had one that was totally unusable. Some did have some nicks, but I’ll use the nicest rounds for the tops.

    If I couldn’t get them off in one piece, I’d probably fold the meringue chunks/bits into the whipped cream and layer it in glasses wih the fruit, Eton mess-style.

    • I ate the scrapped pieces and they were delicious. Thought about assembling in glass but did not do it.
      I will try it with parchment or silpat the next time.

  3. I made these last night. The meringues took much longer to cook than the recipe said, and they still ended up a bit soft. That could be because I live in Houston though, as it is already humid here. I put them back in the oven for a little bit before serving them, and that crisped them up a bit.

  4. I made these last night and everyone thought they were amazing!! A couple of things I did differently that might help: I didn’t use a template..just eye-balled them and it worked out great, I made the discs probably slightly thicker which made them easier to remove and also was everyone’s favorite part, I doubled the whip cream so that you have plenty for assembly. Also, I buttered and floured my pan and I had no trouble removing them as long as I pushed against the pan and worked around the circle each time and then lifted. I only had one come off a little weird looking and I just didn’t use that as a top one.

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