June Nominations

It’s time to think about what we’ll make in June!  Please nominate one sweet/breakfast recipe and one savory/bread recipe (with page numbers) to make next month.

You can check out the Completed Recipes page if you need a reminder of all the things we’ve done already.


12 thoughts on “June Nominations

  1. Inside-out Upside-down Tiramisu, p398-399, would be a good summer recipe
    Phylloccine Ice Cream Sandwiches, p405-406
    Savory Wheat Crackers, p163-164

  2. For the Sweet: Vanilla Pound cake-pg 251 (would be great in the summer with berries and cream)
    For the Savoury: Tourte Milanese-pag 423 (this looks like an awesome summer meal)

  3. I sort of feel like puff pastry is complicated enough to deserve its own post…do we mind making puff based things (like torte Milanese or Alsatian onion tart) when we haven’t made the puff recipe itself yet? What are your thoughts? Store-bought can of course be used (or you can make the book’s recipe and save your photos for a later write-up).

    • I am not sure what we would do with the puff pastry without a recipe to go with it (kind of like Genoise). So I think the above selections would be good although more difficult due to making the puff pastry first. The onion tart looks a lot more simple so maybe starting there?

      • I’m sort of thinking that when we tackle the puff recipe, we should make the first Tues of the month be the puff itself (process), and the next Tues be a recipe using it….there are heaps of recipes that call for puff in the book.

  4. Sorry I did not have time to flip through the book and cast a vote…All suggestions sound good.

    Re: puff pastry. Since the Alsatian Tart uses puff pastry scraps, maybe it could be a recipe that we make after we have baked something with puff pastry.

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