P&Q: Leaf-Shaped Fougasse

I know we’ve made the focaccia dough before (which requires an overnight rest, if I remember correctly), but I’m interested in trying this shape.

Any questions?  Any advice?

5 thoughts on “P&Q: Leaf-Shaped Fougasse

  1. A pair of (clean) kitchen scissors makes very easy work of cutting the pattern in the dough.
    Very easy recipe – most of the time is hands off. I made the dough one evening and baked it off late afternoon for dinner the next day.

  2. I made enough dough for one fougasse. The dough was a bit slack. Guess I forgot the high humidity and did not adjust for it. First time making a fougasse shape, so a bit clumsy effort. I liked the taste. My husband said he prefers foccacia😄

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