8 thoughts on “P&Q: Poppy Seed Torte

  1. I don’t know if you have one of these in your area, but there’s a spice shop near me that sells stuff like this by weight. also bob’s red mill sells poppy seeds in a bag. I don’t know if they are available everywhere, but I have a baggie in my freezer that I bought a while back…I know I’m going to be a bit short, but I’m just going to go with what I have.

  2. It’s really amazing for me to read your comments. I am living in Austria and poppy can be bought in absolutely every supermarket, mostly even in various qualities. I never imagined it to be so regionally special. I couldn’t live without poppy torte, poppy icecram or pastry filled with poppy seed (now I recognize there is not even an translation that comes near “Mohnschnecke”)

  3. 1) I was able to buy my poppy seeds at a fairly reasonable price by going to the Mexican section of my local grocer.
    2) I forgot to press the apricots in the batter before baking, so served them and the poaching liquid on the side.
    3) I was surprised at how moist this cake was – loved it!

  4. I haven’t tried the cake yet, but that poaching liquid is going to be great in cocktails or homemade soda. also, I didn’t peel the apricots before poaching them…after they were poached the skins came right off anyway.

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