7 thoughts on “BWJ P&Q: Amaretti

  1. Can I exchange the Almond Paste for Marzipan? I doubt, as I read that the almond-sugar-ratio ist different. Is there any way I can “transform” marzipan to almond paste? (no almond paste available round here…)

    • I have accidentally used marzipan instead of almond paste and it was a disaster because the marzipan has more sugar in it. You can always order it online. I usually get mine from king arthur flour. Also, I would call your local bakery, usually anyone that makes there own pastries (european pastries) in house and they might sell you some.

  2. I think marzapan has more sugar and amond paste has more almonds. I’m not sure it would be as simple as just cutting back on the sugar in the recipe and maybe adding a dash of almond extract to boost flavor–hopefully someone else will have an idea if that would work!

    I don’t know that it’s worth going through the trouble for this, but here’s a recipe for homemade almond paste:

  3. Thank all of you for your guidance and advice! Ordering online would take too long (and cost too much – I am living in Austria…). Therefore I nevertheless went with marzipan and exchanged most of the sugar with grounded almonds. But as assumed, it did not really work out. But no one can say I didn’t try ;-)

  4. perhaps it is a bit late to post this but the brand of almond paste that I always purchase is Solo. It is or I should say was always sold in a can. This last time I purchased it, it came in a box! The paste is sealed in mylar and packed into a small box. Hope that helps anyone baking these on the next rewind!

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