A note from our favorite cookbook author!

Can it really be over 6 years and so many hundreds of recipes ago that I wrote to tell Laurie and all you wonderful bakers how excited I was that you were planning to work your way through Baking From My Home To Yours?
Well, guess what? As you start on Baking Chez Moi, I’m just as excited. You never fail to delight me and I can’t wait to see what you do with my recipes chez you.
Merci – lots – for being so enthusiastic and so game. As I collected and created these recipes, I was surprised many times and happy every time. I hope it will be the same for you.
“Bake on,” as Laurie says.
Sweet wishes, xoxo Dorie


14 thoughts on “A note from our favorite cookbook author!

  1. Can’t wait to start playing along again. Have really missed it. Even though I can’t/don’t eat gluten or refined sugar anymore, I plan to try making as many of the recipes as I can and sharing them with others as well as possibly making them my own gluten free versions when possible. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and inspiration to learn and do more in the kitchen, Dorie! Let’s do this!

  2. Hi Dorie,
    Thank you for sharing the recipes and this amazing book! Love it! Looking forward to all the wonderful baking from my kitchen in Malaysia!

  3. So excited to get started on this new book! And I took your advice (Hot Stove in Seattle) and bought some cookie scoops. This cool tool added another level of fun to baking the Palets de dames!

  4. It’s lovely to have you personally welcome us and thank us for baking your lovely recipes. It’s truly my pleasure to do so and I’m glad to not only be part of French Fridays, but now also Tuesdays with YOU!

  5. I just ordered the Baking Chez Moi book so I could join in, try my hand at baking and make some cooking friends along the way. I’m really looking forward to cooking through everything and seeing everyone’s creations.

    I got Around My French Table on a whim mid last month and have been loving everything I’ve made from that book. Anyways, I’m off to make a website and to dig my camera out of a bunch of moving boxes to join in the fun.

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