BCM Tuesday Chatter Palets de Dames

What notes do you have for us?  Did you make any changes?  Let us know!


37 thoughts on “BCM Tuesday Chatter Palets de Dames

  1. Hi everyone,
    I’m Joyce from Kitchen Flavours, and I’m new to TWD. So happy to be baking together with all of you. Just linked my first post for BCM!
    These cookies are wonderful! Baked mine for exactly 12 minutes until the edges are lightly browned. Looking forward to the next bake!

  2. These were delicious…but I didn’t have much luck making them as pretty (nicely round, nicely iced) as Dorie’s were. Does anyone have any tricks/pointers for that?

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  4. I thought they were very good. They were really buttery tasting and I loved the lemon icing. I love the way Dorie takes time to explain the instructions in her recipes – very descriptive and informative. Looking forward to making the cranberry dessert next.

  5. How many people iced these upside down? It was not until I was reading another blog about these cookies that I realized the flat side was supposed to be dipped and the round side left uniced. Luckily my tummy does not know the difference.

  6. Hi everyone, we have a new baker with us – my friend Christie of goldenlifephx! She is one terrific baker (and has an excellent taster in her husband), so I’m excited she decided to join us! The only downside is that we don’t work together anymore so we can’t taste-test each others treats.

  7. I was worried I wouldnt make it, but I did. Whew. Now, even though I used the correct cookie scoop, my cookies did not all stay round. I am unsure what I did. It certainly did not affect the flavor. I used a lot of lemon juice and it added a good tang. A good plain cookie, indeed.

  8. I didn’t get as many cookies as advertised in the recipe, and I think I used a smaller scoop (1 1/2 tbsp) than she said. My eggs were medium/large, which might have been the reason.

    I actually made the dough the night before, and the cookies on Sunday morning so they would be as fresh as possible for serving.

  9. Let the magic begin! Thank you Dorie and crew for providing an opportunity to stretch, bake, and connect. I’m still working on a blog – Yikes, not as seamless as I hoped.

    I’m a pinch of this and a handful of that kind of gal and am loving the mindfulness that baking requires.

    I couldn’t resist and tried three variations of Palets de Dames: de Lille, avec raisins aux rhum, and frosted with apricot jam followed by the lemon glaze.

    Despite precise measurements, the batter was more cookie than cake-like, so the next time around I plan to use King Arthur flour and reduce the amount to 1 cup.

    In a moment of novice enthusiasm, I attempted (in French, in English and without success) to make Praline Roses. What was I thinking? I’d love to hear from anyone who had success.

    À plus tard!

    • The apricot jam sounds super delicious! Starting a blog can be somewhat tedious, but once you have it started, its pretty easy. If you have questions, most of us here have been through it. So glad you have joined in on the adventure!

  10. I won’t be making these again – fairly tasteless, really. I used vanilla sugar and frosted them with buttercream rather than the glaze. But I really like the idea of adding rum-soaked raisins and apricot jam! That would greatly enhance the flavour. This is the second recipe I’ve made from BCM and I have to say, the instructions are very well written – clear and user friendly. I’m looking forward to more challenging (and tasty) recipes as we work our way through this wonderful book.

  11. I am a newcomer to TWD and very excited to be part of it. I met Dorie and her husband, Michael, last night at her book signing in Naperville, IL. What a delightful evening! Dorie entertained us with stories of how she begged, and in some cases, groveled, for personal recipes from her French friends for this book.I could have listened for hours!

    I just finished making my second batch of Palets de Dames. This was my first experiment with European butter. The first batch I made with regular American butter, and the second batch I made with Kerrygold butter. I think they were both very buttery tasting; I didn’t really notice a flavor difference with this recipe. I dipped the cookies in the icing, which has a subtle lemon flavor. The small size would be perfect to add to a holiday cookie tray.

  12. I thought the cookies are meant to be frosted on the rounded side. I did wonder which side to frost when I made this but noticed the following : If you look closely at the photo in the book, looks like the cookies are placed flat on the plate, they have the brown edges all around but not towards the centre. If flat bottom is facing up, then it will be brown all over. Another interesting thing is, if the flat side of the cookie is dipped into the icing, then it would be almost impossible to get the sides all around free of frosting! I could be wrong, but I thought I was doing it right when I iced on the rounded side! Anyway, whichever side they are frosted on, these cookies are so yummy to eat!

  13. Ok, am just tasting the first batch fresh out of the oven — I think the biggest change I did (aside from omitting the icing, although I think the lemony icing would compliment the buttery vanilla cakey cookie well, and using ganache to stick them together) was to test whether I should flatten the dough balls or not before baking them. Resoundingly, the answer is DO NOT FLATTEN! Unless you like lace cookie effect and are going for buttery crumbly cake cookies and not dainty morsel cookies. Either way — yum!

  14. These were wonderful! I will definitely be making more for the holidays. And I was lucky enough to meet Dorie when she stopped in Vancouver on her book tour, too!

  15. I thought the cookies were good, but I do so prefer chocolate! That being said, I did eat my fair share of the batch. When I make them again I will use more lemon in the icing, maybe even a bit of lemon zest. The apricot jam sounds wonderful!

  16. I loved these cakey-cookies! I added about a 1/2 teaspoon of lemon zest (which i rubbed into the sugar), to get a slight zing, but will probably add some more next time. The other variation I tried, was to ice some of the cookies with a raspberry glaze, which I think works really well.
    I did find the dough quite soft & a little difficult to work with, since I was rolling them by hand. But other than that, the recipe was great. So easy to put together and with really clear instructions.

    p.s. I iced the rounded side, based on the picture in the book.

  17. I really like these cookies a lot. I have to say, this is one of the most supportive and kindness groups I’ve yet to encounter. I look forward to reading your impressions and experiences of the recipes to come. :)

  18. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Brittany and I’m new to TWD and also to blogging! I’m so excited about this website… Love this creative idea to help people get involved with the cookbook and baking! The cookies were delicious, a nice recipe to ease us newcomers in. Looking forward to
    More baking with you all! :)

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