BCM P & Q: Cranberry Crackle Tart

Any tips or tricks? Have you tried this already? Need some advice? Here’s the place to get it!

**Please feel free to post any time after the 27th. We chose this recipe with Thanksgiving in mind. If that’s when you are serving it, leave your link after that.

33 thoughts on “BCM P & Q: Cranberry Crackle Tart

  1. I made this – twice actually – and I’d suggest using a hand held mixer for doing the egg whites. My stand mixer doesn’t do two egg whites well because of the dimple in the bottom.

    Cathleen – i used a pastry cutter to trim the pie crust – the kind that’s a wheel with a serrated edge on a handle. Use it for doing lattice crusts too. It gives that architectural look that you see in the photograph.

  2. You bet :) Just saw your other question – I baked this early and served it that night and it was great. Even had a little left over the next day – wasn’t quite as good but still delicious. Just covered it with plastic after it was cut.

  3. Just finished baking mine – serving it tonight for dinner. Used the sweet tart dough, a strawberry jam and the pie pan as Dorie suggested – easy, peasy – and used a ravioli cutter for the edge – hoodah thought!?!

  4. Making this for Thanksgiving dinner this week, can’t wait. I know this is a silly question, but any tips on where to cut the pie crust when laying it in the pie pan. I know it says a third down from the rim of the pan but I’m having a hard time understanding where to cut. Tips?

  5. I used the galette dough and it was a dream to make and very delicious. I used cherry preserves and they were terrific. I completely agree about the difficulty with the stand mixer and the two egg whites. After several minutes, I ended up switching to a hand mixer.

  6. I’m just making this tart today (as I was gone last week for Thanksgiving) and am struggling with the egg whites. I made sure they were at room temp, and have now beat them for quite a while and still no marshmallow fluff peaks… I saw the other comments about not being able to use a stand mixer.. but I don’t have a hand mixer. Anyone have any suggestions for how to improve my meringue?


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