BCM Tuesday Chatter

Is this tart your new Thanksgiving tradition? Is it too good to have just once a year? Do tell!


16 thoughts on “BCM Tuesday Chatter

  1. Really liked this one.

    The only complaint I received was that one of my eaters was expecting the meringue to be more like a lemon meringue pie style meringue (it was too crunchy for him – I thought it was perfect). That didn’t keep him from eating half the tart though…

    I think I liked it even better the second day.

  2. I thought it was OK – wouldn’t make it for myself again, but my husband liked it a lot. Perhaps it’s related to how much each of us likes cranberries – me, not so much! I probably didn’t roll the dough thinly enough, either, but still thought the crust was the best part.

  3. Hi everyone. I’m new to the group, and look forward to baking along with you all! I was pretty pleased with this tart. I used blackberry jam instead of one of the options given, and really liked it. Definitely one to make again…and not just for Thanksgiving!

  4. We liked this one a lot. K loved the crunch and sweetness of the meringue, while I simply love cranberries. It was a highlight of our early “just us” Thanksgiving celebration over the weekend.

  5. So much for mindful baking – my crust was just a minute away from being charred.
    I added orange zest to the meringue for a little extra pop of flavor and dusted the cranberries with confectioners sugar to see if it would help to keep them suspended:) Loved the orange – not sure if the confectioners sugar helped. The cranberries I used were really, really tart so for the next baking I plan to take the extra time to cut them in half. I used a hot knife to make the first slice and the meringue crumbled. I had better luck making a clean cut using a knife buttered both sides; taking care to wipe off the excess butter and reapplying with every cut.

    I’ll be in NYC on December 1st and plan to attend the panel discussion with Dorie and others (Barnes and Noble, Upper West Side, 2289 Broadway 7 p.m.). Contact me if you’re planning to attend – perhaps we can meet for dinner, drink, dessert?

    • Great feedback Marian, my meringue crumbled as well and I switched from a sharp knife to a butter knife. But it wasn’t beautiful in its presentation.The orange is a nice addition and we used homemade strawberry jam but I would add almost double what the recipe called for, mine seemed like it could use a bit more. Everyone loved it anyway.

      • Thanks for responding. I should have written back yesterday, when I went back and beat it longer it worked. I think I was just having some bad luck. I’ve made merengues hundreds of times before so I was surprised. In the end it turned out beautifully. I think I was worried I was whipping it for too long and was going to turn it. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

      • Hi Rachel, I’m sure your feline friend had a yummy treat. I had saved my first batch, but after a while became discouraged and dumped it down the sink. As soon as I got the second batch to work I was sorry I had dumped the first batch. Love your snow photo and baking by candlelight!

  6. this one was not a favorite here. I honestly had high hopes for it but in the end, not likely to make it again. my husband, who will eat just about anything sweet, couldn’t even finish a slice. the recipe is a bit inaccurate as far as the crust is concerned and if I were to make it again(which is not very likely), I would not follow the crust baking instructions in the recipe(because it ended up very overbaked and bitter) and would probably increase the amount of egg whites used to make a larger amount of filling.

  7. I made this tart for one of our Thanksgiving desserts and it was wonderfully received! After a big meal, this dessert was a bit on the lighter side, which was a relief. I used a Pyrex pie plate, as Dorie suggested, and trimmed the side about 1/3 of the way down with a dough crimper, and it gave the crust a nicely finished looked. I was concerned it may be too tart, but was pleasantly surprised to find it not too sweet, but certainly not too tart either. I will be putting fresh cranberries in the freezer for more of these “off season”!

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