BCM P & Q: Buche de Noel

Have you done this before?  The idea of rolling make you nervous?  What do you need to know?  How can we help you?

Here is a link that shows Dorie making the cake.  So cool!

**You can post after Christmas if you are making it for the holiday.

13 thoughts on “BCM P & Q: Buche de Noel

    • I had heaps of frosting leftover, too. I know that sometimes when dealing with sugar syrup, it’s easier to control the temp in a larger quantity, but if I make this again I’ll try with only half the frosting recipe for a full size cake.

    • I made 3/4 of the frosting recipe (3 egg whites, etc) after I read your comments. I also noticed that the photo in the book has very thick frosting, so I spread it fairly thick and still had a bit left over. It’s in the fridge waiting to take to work tomorrow, so don’t know yet what it tastes like.

  1. This is my first time participating. I watched the video of Dorie assembling the cake and thought “this doesn’t look too difficult”! Then I read the recipe! I have never whipped egg whites in a water bath or even made frosting on the stove! Frankly, I’m panicked. I think I’ll be ok with the frosting, but does anyone know of any online videos that show the actual making of this type of cake? I’m confused about how one can use a stand mixer and not a hand mixer when whipping this up over simmering water. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hello and welcome. For the cake, you won’t actually be whipping the egg-sugar mixture over the water bath, you’re just heating the eggs so that they whip up to a good volume on the stand mixer; the whisking is to distribute the heat and prevent them from cooking in the bowl. This is a genoise type cake if you’re looking for a video but Joe Pastry has good photos and explanations of the steps (just ignore the chocolate and the cake pan parts!). Here’s a link:http://www.joepastry.com/2014/making-chocolate-genoise/
      I was a little panicked also at the start but I made it one component at a time (starting with the easiest) and it was quite fun in the end

      • Ahh, I see, that makes much more sense.I think I will tackle this one component at time as well. Pecans and filling made a day ahead. Cake and frosting in one manic, nerve-wracking session. Thanks for the response and the link.

  2. I don’t have a candy thermometer — anyone know what the sugar mixture looks like when it reaches 242 degrees? Or should I just invest in a candy thermometer? I think I’d better bite the bullet and get that thermometer! (The DH just shakes his head at my collection of cookery items that I just *have* to have! He doesn’t understand the need to perfect a recipe. He does, however, enjoy being the taste-tester!) I can’t wait to make this — do you know if extra frosting keeps ok in the fridge for a day or so?

    • On the one hand, I think you could leave it out and it would be fine. On the other, it’s such a relatively small amount in the cake and filling that it’s not really prominent, although it definitely contributes to the overall gingerbread flavor.

  3. Thanks for posting the video of the cake assembly. I’ve never rolled a jelly roll in a towel. That’s not at all how I was picturing it! I can’t wait to make this tomorrow. I’ve been baking along since the start and hope to get my blog up to date over the holidays.

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