11 thoughts on “BCM: Tuesday Chatter

  1. Made most of the parts yesterday and plan to assemble and frost it today. Then, on Dorie’s advice, I’ll invite friends over and serve it with champagne tonight!

  2. I plan to make this for Christmas Eve festivities tomorrow (didn’t want to risk making it a day early), so I’ll post my link when I get it up. Can’t wait to make it though!

  3. I really enjoyed making this cake and it turned out beautifully! I had one major snafu in that I used an extra rich vanilla extract. I probably should have used less that the TBSP called for in the recipe, but I didn’t and the vanilla totally overwhelmed the icing. It tasted like straight vanilla from the bottle. Bitter, chemical taste and really inedible. With the icing scraped off, the cake was delicious. Live and learn.

  4. I’m revisiting the icing issue I had with the Buche de Noel. I made a batch of the icing again tonight, using a different vanilla and only 2 tsp instead of a tbsp. The icing was still bitter and inedible. Does anyone know why this is happening? I looked for answers online and I’m thinking that maybe the alcohol in the extract is not cooking out when I add it to the icing. The temp of the syrup was correct and I added the vanilla to the egg whites immediately after the syrup, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe my mixer isn’t distributing the ingredients right. Any ideas?

  5. I worried about the safetyofthe raw eggs in the icing,so I used old fashioned 7 minute frosting instead. I found my cake came out a little too dry- overcooked maybe? I wouldn’t make this again, didn’t really like the flavours. However, I was happy to learn the techniques. Would try a chocolate/mocha log next time.

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