21 thoughts on “BCM P & Q: Granola Energy Bars

  1. We made these yesterday. It was a great recipe for me to make with my “I’m Bored” daughter on a winter break day. We added chocolate chips and I think we added them while the oats were too warm because they melted as we mixed the ingredients. Maybe we should have waited until the oats cooled a little bit more, however, then we needed to add the boiling syrup which I think would have melted them anyway. The bars turned out great and were delicious, even though the chips had melted.

  2. Mine are cooling right now, and everything went smoothly in preparation. I used dried cherries and dried apricots for my fruit, and almonds, sunflower seeds and pepitas for my nuts. Dorie comments…”getting the ingredients to bind is the most common problem with homemade granola bars.” I’ve had that problem in the past and hope the brown rice syrup works well. I’ve never used it before and it tastes pretty good!

  3. Don’t skip out on the parchment! I ran out (with all the Christmas baking) and couldn’t find more at the store! I thought, I’ll just butter the pan really well, it took a lot of effort to get them out, having to cut them in the pan. Ultimately, I succeeded, but my arm is a bit sore! And Amy, I had the same problem with the chocolate – I wasn’t sure if using chocolate chunks would work better, something to possibly try.

  4. I also added some chocolate chips which melted, but the granola bars were yummy nevertheless. I think you’d either have to use nibs or wait just a bit so the syrup cooled off. I like this recipe!

  5. Anyone try making these without the butter? I’m sure it is used to help bind the ingredients. I liked these better the day they were made. The following day, they seem to be a bit oily and I can actually taste the butter. They are delicious though, and so much better than anything you buy in the store.

  6. I made these a few days ago – they’re great! I was shocked to find the brown rice syrup at my supermarket – have never noticed it before. I used dried cherries, raisins and dried cranberries. I also added some mini chocolate chips which I had in the pantry. Great combination.

  7. Hi! I posted this on the Tuesday chatter for the Buche de Noel, but no one responded. I’m hoping that someone with an answer might see my post here as I’m really curious. I originally posted that my icing came out bitter and chemical tasting and I blamed the fact that I used an extra rich vanilla extract. But I tried making the icing again and this was my second post:
    I’m revisiting the icing issue I had with the Buche de Noel. I made a batch of the icing again tonight, using a different vanilla and only 2 tsp instead of a tbsp. The icing was still bitter and inedible. Does anyone know why this is happening? I looked for answers online and I’m thinking that maybe the alcohol in the extract is not cooking out when I add it to the icing. The temp of the syrup was correct and I added the vanilla to the egg whites immediately after the syrup, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe my mixer isn’t distributing the ingredients right. Any ideas?

    • I thought the icing tasted a bit sour, which didn’t bother me too much, but I attribute it to the cream of tartar. It’s quite a large amount, and I wonder if it could be reduced to something more like 1/4 tsp.

  8. I tried letting the syrup cool and only mixing in chocolate chips after everything else was mixed in, but I should have let the oat mixture cool too. I ended up with a thoroughly melted chocolate-tinged mixture! Looks great, and the unbaked bits tasted great, but next time I’d wait for the oats to cool too. Or try nibs, as suggested above.

  9. I made mine last night and they came out really well. The brown rice syrup held them together nicely. I used cranberries, cherries, cashews, walnuts, almonds and pepitas. I also substituted almond extract for the vanilla, but only used half a teaspoon. It gave the bars a nice flavor without overwhelming the other ingredients. After reading a post on here, I waited to mix in the chocolate chunks after the mixture had cooled a little and they didn’t melt. Thanks, Margaret!
    Thanks for your reply about the icing, Steph. It could be the cream of tartar…or maybe I just don’t like meringue frosting. I’ll stick with buttercream :)

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