BWJ P&Q: Salsa Quitza

Looks like this recipe calls for a bread machine, which I sure don’t have…but if anyone can figure out how to “convert” it, we can!    Any questions or advice?


13 thoughts on “BWJ P&Q: Salsa Quitza

  1. Hi there – I’m not near a book, but I think I remember that all of the bread machine recipes can be made like ‘regular’ breads. It’s funny to think about those recipes now. When we were working on Baking with Julia, bread machines were new and Julia, who loved new tools, wanted to try using one. She ended up loving the machine – although she always shaped the loaves by hand and let them rise traditionally (she hated the hole that the machine left in each loaf) – and wanted to have a bread-machine section in the book. Hope you can find a work-around. xoDorie

  2. Thanks for commenting, Dorie! I plan to simply try combining the ingredients in the sequence I normally would and let the dough rise traditionally, too. I read a few things online, and it sounds like it should be that easy, but I’ll report back afterwards.

  3. We have a bread machine-it is my husbands favorite toy! however, like Julia, I have never cared for the finished loaf. While she apparently did not like the hole in the loaf, I have never enjoyed the soft, moist texture of the breads that have baked in the machine. My plan is to just make the dough using my kitchen aid mixer-it will be a baking adventure!

    • You’re right about the texture. The hole and the fact that all of the breads from the machine looked the same were Julia’s major complaints. That’s why she shaped the loaves by hand and baked them in a traditional oven. For her, the bread machine was the same as a mixer and it was a good place to let the dough rise.

  4. It worked fine in a standard mixer – I bloomed the yeast in the water and and then added in the other ingredients in order. I was a little surprised that the beans went INTO the dough, but it worked out fine.
    Word of advice – reduce the salsa. I thought that less than a cup of salsa would have been more than enough.

  5. I made the dough without a problem however I don’t have a twelve inch springform pan so I’m doing a flat pizza. My advice would be to split the dough in half and make two pizzas if you’re dong the same – my oven, pizza peel and baking stone are all kind of small for such a lot of dough.

  6. How long do you let this rise? I don’t have any idea how to do this without a bread machine. Any advice is helpful. Thanks gang.

  7. Thanks for the rise info. I don’t like to buy dried milk powder if I don’t have to, because I only ever use a couple tablespoons and the rest goes bad. Think I can replace the water/dried milk with lowfat “real” milk?

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