TWD: Some big news from Dorie!

Such fun and exciting news! Dorie will be doing an every-other-week column called Everyday Dorie for the Washington Post food section. Each column will have a recipe, sometimes sweet, sometimes savory.

The first column is here today and will be in print on Wednesday. It’s for a heart-shaped cookie that’s big enough to share. The recipe makes two cookies that serve two to four people each (or one if you’re really dedicated.) Part of the fun is seeing how people decorate them, and she’s really looking forward to your creations.

She’s hoping that people will post pictures and then, on Thursday, at 1 pm ET, there will be a live online chat with everyone who’s interested. If you’d like to be part of the conversation, click here

If anyone wants to post pictures of what they made with the recipe, the tags are:


Looking forward to joining our favorite cookbook author for more recipes, baking tips, and deliciousness!


7 thoughts on “TWD: Some big news from Dorie!

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