BCM P & Q: Pink Grapefruit Tart

What do you need to know about this treat? Baked it already and have some thoughts? Let us know!


31 thoughts on “BCM P & Q: Pink Grapefruit Tart

  1. I don’t think I re-whisked the grapefruit cremeux as thoroughly as I should have because it came out kind of curdy, but it still tasted wonderful!

  2. Actually, I have a question: when making the sweet dough tart, in BCM, it says to chill the dough thoroughly before shaping it and then chill it again after fitting it into the tart pan. Why couldn’t you just fit it into the pan and then chill it once instead of the two-step chilling process?

    • Hey @joyosity – I was wondering the same thing – about to make the tart dough and might try putting this in the pan straight away (the “press in” method) – anyone know if that will be ok (I seem to think I have done this with this dough before for another Dorie recipe).

  3. I like to make the tart dough, roll it out, place it in the tart pan, trim and then chill…so much easier than rolling out a hunk of chilled tart dough ..which is unnecessary work in my book!

  4. Above comment from Pattysfood, Forgot I’m signed into WordPress computer stuff, so confusing compared to rolling out tart dough…Patty

    • I saw that! Wish I had seen that before I devoured mine! Although it looks like you would need a lot more than 2 grapefruits to have enough segments to get a nice rose…

  5. I really dislike grapefruit, so I’m thinking of using blood oranges. I know it will completely change the tart, but the blood oranges should at least give it a nice color.

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