BWJ March Schedule

Here’s what we’ll be making from BWJ in March.  There’s an extra Tuesday next month, so feel free to make up something you missed (from BWJ. BCM or even BFMHTY) or just take a break.

March 3, 2015- Not-Your-Usual Lemon Meringue Pie, p 403-405

March 17, 2015- Pebble Bread, p 152-153

March 31, 2015- Rewind Week!


3 thoughts on “BWJ March Schedule

  1. Does anyone know where to buy barley flour for the pebble bread? I checked my grocery store today and they didn’t have it, and they do have a pretty decent selection of different flours available. Where else should I try, or how about a substitute???

    • Bobs Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills are the two brands who carry the barley flour that I usually see in stores. If you regular grocery doesn’t carry it, do you have a health food store or Whole Foods nearby (you could call first to check)? If you want to subsitute, I’m thinking maybe whole wheat or spelt flour.

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