BWJ P&Q: Pebble Bread

I’m trying not to forget that the sponge for this one requires a full day’s rest.  Any questions or advice?


2 thoughts on “BWJ P&Q: Pebble Bread

  1. I can’t seem to find barley flour at any of the stores. Does anyone know if rye flour would be a good substitution? Surprisingly, I have some of that lying around.

  2. Bobs Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills are the two brands who carry the barley flour that I usually see in stores. If you regular grocery doesn’t carry it, do you have a health food store or Whole Foods-type place nearby (you could call them first to check)? I’d thought that whole wheat or spelt flour would be an ok substitution, but maybe someone else can chime in about the rye.

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