BCM P&Q: Limoncello Cupcakes

What do you want to know? What can you tell us? (I think I might try these with orange. I found a great recipe for vanilla/orangecello)

17 thoughts on “BCM P&Q: Limoncello Cupcakes

  1. I have never gotten an email. :( I always just come look. Is there a place to sign up for an email? Katrina, Baking and Boys!

  2. Well. I found orange marmalade, lime marmalade, and marmalade made with a blend of orange, grapefruit, and lemon. No lemon marmalade. I’ll be using lemon curd instead, unless I change my mind and go back for the blend – sounds kinda good.

  3. Any thoughts on how to make these booze free? I am making them for a younger crowd (as in 5 years old and under) so I am guessing the parents would not appreciate the booze. It is a shame since I have a batch of limoncello resting in my cupboard right now that I made with some lemons from a friends lemon tree.

  4. Meaghan – I think you could substitute the limoncello in the recipe with a combination of lemon juice and water. (Just be careful on how much lemon juice you put in there)

  5. I had a difficult time finding the ground cardamom for this recipe initially – the only store which carried it was in a huge container which was way more than I needed for the recipe – also very expensive. I found that my local Whole Foods has bulk spices like this in stock where you can measure out as much as you need into a little plastic bag – great option when you need just a little bit and don’t want the spices to lose their flavor if you don’t use them often.

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