BCM P&Q: Coconut Tapioca

What questions do you have? Do you need to substitute something? Here’s where to test it out!


17 thoughts on “BCM P&Q: Coconut Tapioca

  1. I used Cock brand large pearl tapioca and quite a few of the pearls fell apart while soaking overnight and even more during cooking, and cooking time was much shorter – I overcooked it and the pudding was rubbery after chilling. There are no cooking instructions on my package so for my second batch, I tried a method I’d seen used in other recipes: I boiled the pearls in water until almost cooked, then added them and some of the starchy cooking water (in place of some of the milk) to the other ingredients and made the recipe as written. This worked.

  2. I could only find the small pearl after looking at three stores. I followed the instructions on the package for soaking since it said only 30 min, I figured since they were small maybe the overnight would be too long. The 30 min seemed perfect.

  3. I voted for this recipe but I had no idea how hard it would be to find pearl tapioca. I have been to 3 stores with no luck. Whole Foods has promised me that they have them in stock but the small pearl. Thanks isthisakeeper for the info on small pearl.

  4. Never used tapioca. Just how much do they soften up after an overnight soak? The recipe states cold water, overnight in the fridge. The bag states room temp. I followed Dorie’s instructions. They are softer, but not much – still quite firm. I was expecting them to expand overnight.

  5. so I tried my whipped cream idea (actaually rum whipped cream)… stirred it through the bit we ate tonight, and it was a much nicer texture. am thinking whipped coconut cream would be delish, but don’t have any to test. I noticed that a lot of tapioca pudding recipes call for egg/yolk…wonder if that gives it a more custardy and less gelatinous texture?

  6. The recipe I usually follow for tapioca calls for small pearl tapioca, and 2 egg yolks. It does come out custardy! I could not find the large pearl in my area….no Asian markets in my town. I’ll be using the small pearl for mine.

  7. I used small pearl tapioca and mine turned out very gelatinous too. My theory on the problem is that we need to reduce the amount of tapioca used if using small pearl. It just seems like there is too much tapioca. The recipe on the back of my tapioca package uses less tapioca but more liquid.

  8. I went to 3 stores and could only find Minute tapioca. Grrr. I got some anyway and may just try to make a tapioca pudding with it and use coconut milk. I’m torn on adding a little chocolate to it to make it chocolate coconut tapioca pudding. As they say, “chocolate makes everything better.” ;)

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