BWJ P&Q: Cardinal Slice

Sounds a little tricky.  Any questions or advice?

Here’s a video of the BWJ TV episode.


6 thoughts on “BWJ P&Q: Cardinal Slice

  1. I have been looking at this one on-line trying to get some pointers (this one kind of scares me – it contains my two baking nemesis – sponge cake and meringue. Was especially concerned trying to bake meringue during this weekend’s forecasted humidity).

    I thought the site offered some helpful suggestions – he also offers an alternate recipe.

    Fingers crossed!

  2. yes-I saw the joe pastry posts, too. he did a lot of work on this and wound up abandoning this recipe. not sure how to tackle this…but besides that, it sounds like exactly the kind of dessert I’d love if it comes out right!

  3. I tried this last week and had no success! I had issues with all of the steps which is weird…you would think I could mess up on one of the parts but all three? The only thing that turned out somewhat right was the meringue…and the final product didn’t look like the picture that is for sure.

  4. I follwed the recipe in BWJ, but the baking and freezing method from joepastry. I haven’t tried it yet, but looks ok…not as poofy as the pictures of either version though. I am still not sure if the meringue is supposed to be totally dried out and crisp or a little marshmallowy inside. mine is on the marshmallow side

  5. I followed the joepastry version – I started the project early in the morning to avoid the humidity and was doing great until I placed my segments in the oven and turned around and saw the bowl of flour sitting on the counter. D’oh. Mise en place doesn’t help when you ignore that you’ve done it…

    It came out a little wonky (flat), but I assembled it anyway. It’s currently sitting in the freezer & will be dessert tonight.

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