BCM P & Q: Apricot Raspberry Tart

What do you want to know? What do you know about this one? Do tell!


10 thoughts on “BCM P & Q: Apricot Raspberry Tart

  1. I haven’t seen apricots at the farm stands or in the grocery stores! Does anyone have a suggestion for alternatives?

  2. Here’s a question, which direction are the apricots supposed to face? Down (pit side down) or up? I have seen both (and they all look amazing), but wasn’t sure how to interpret the recipe on this point?

  3. I made these with the core side up and will not be doing that again. Believe this led to it being dryer than expected since the juices sat in the little round cavity of the apricot rather than oozing (in a yummy way…:)) into the crust. And eating it would have been easier if they were also on the flat side down instead of roll-ie. Live and learn and it all tastes delicious regardless.

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