BCM Tuesday Chatter

How are your Apple Piglets (I just decided to let Autocorrect have its way)  Yum?


5 thoughts on “BCM Tuesday Chatter

  1. Anyone have any suggestions on why I can’t leave a comment on your blogs that are blogger or blogspot? I can write the comment and sometimes it will let me do the I am not a robot but not move beyond that, or more often it will run right past that and not let me. I can’t figure out what the issue is…any ideas would be great :)

  2. I have experienced the same thing using a mobile device. It is the preferences set up by the blogger, and it is generally when I try to use my wordpress account to comment on a blogger site. I just use my Google account to comment as a work around.

  3. That is good to know. I have experienced the same issue numerous times using mobile devices and WordPress. Apparently I can’t tell the difference between street signs and food either! ;)I’ll try my Google account in the future, thanks!

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