BWJ P&Q: Pain de Campagne/Meringue Cookies

Here’s the place to leave questions, comments or advice on both the Pain de Campagne and the Meringue Cookies!


8 thoughts on “BWJ P&Q: Pain de Campagne/Meringue Cookies

  1. Pain de Campagne relies on capturing wild yeast – eek! Has anyone yet tried this recipe? I’m going to give it a go, following the directions in the book, but the intro (“ might work on this bread for four days and get a loaf as flat as a pizza…”) has me a bit skeptical :-)

      • after checking the recipe again, only the refreshments use whole wheat, the dough itself uses all purpose flour. with that in mind, I am going to use the rye flour and change the all purpose to bread flour. you should try the spelt-it will be interesting to see what we end up with but, unfortunately, it will take a few days!

    • I finished my loaf yesterday – I did use a few tablespoons of my sourdough as starter (instead of “wild yeasting” it), white whole wheat flour as the refresher and mostly followed the directions from there. The loaf came out beautifully, although my rising times were somewhat shorter (warm kitchen + active starter). I haven’t cut into it yet to see the crumb.

  2. I had one egg white leftover from another recipe, so 1/4’d down the meringue recipe (cut sugar back to 1/4 cup). My KitchenAid handled the small volume really well – just in case anyone else wants to “minify” the recipe…

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