Some awesome news from Dorie

Hi baking friends!  Dorie has decided that one of the paths to a peaceful world is by baking, and then sharing that baking.  We can’t agree more.  So we’re joining her in her baking revolution.  She’s calling it “Cookies and Kindness.”  Perfect.

Each month, we’ll post a recipe from her new book.  (We’ll be getting a sneak peek at her new book (YAY!) starting this month)  Though, of course, you can bake any recipe you’d like.  The recipe is for Two Bite One Chip Cookies.  Along with the recipe, you’ll find instructions for tagging and spreading the word.

2-Bite 1 Chip Cookies3750.jpeg

Bake, share, repeat.  Who knows how many people we can get to smile!


7 thoughts on “Some awesome news from Dorie

    • Hi Diane. There isn’t a date or a place to post here. You have the entire month of September to bake and post. She’d like you to share on social media and tag her and her site. That way we can spread the word!

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