BWJ LYL: Glorious Wedding Cake

It’s the final recipe from BWJ!  Almost five years of fabulous baking is drawing to a close…the definition of bittersweet…sniff.

Did you assemble the Glorious Wedding Cake in all its three-tiered splendor, or make a more modest version?  Also, is there a recipe from the book that stands out as your favorite?  For the last time with BWJ, leave your link!

xoxo and bake on!


5 thoughts on “BWJ LYL: Glorious Wedding Cake

  1. So proud of you all Ladies and Gentlemen <3
    I left the group sometime ago as I was short of time and now you have already reached the end of the book. WOW! Respect – Respect – Respect <3
    Cannot wait to see your beauties.
    All the best my baking friends!
    Ckay (Sweet and that's it)

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