TWD DC: Recipes for November

Hi Friends!  Since the book came out so close to the end of October, and we weren’t sure everyone’s would have arrived, we just chose two Dorie’s Cookies recipes that she published on the internet.  We’ll be voting and choosing from the book starting in December.  Get your copies now!

We bake from Dorie’s Cookies on first and third Tuesdays of the month.  You can bake and post either recipe for either week.

Recipes for November:

Chocolate Sandwich Cookie

Peanut Butter Change-Ups

Making a quick change – instead of the biscotti, which some of you have baked before, we’re adding in a different web-posted recipe.


Bake on!

14 thoughts on “TWD DC: Recipes for November

    • Super easy, Vickie. You post your photos and baking report on your blog. There will be a post on this page called “Leave Your Link”. In the comments, you leave a link to your latest post. Other TWDers can come visit and ooh and aahh. ;-)

  1. Yay!!!!!!! I was going to wait to buy the book, but since I work in a bookstore I ended up caving last night and buying. So excited :)

  2. Oh boo – I came on to see if the picks for Baking Chez Moi had been posted and I saw that the picks had been changed. I JUST finished the biscotti (for the second time, I’d already posted them for Cookies and Kindness this month….)… I guess I’m baking again tomorrow…

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