DC: February Nominations

What should we tackle from Dorie’s Cookies next month?  Do you like trying to sync up with Dorie’s Cookies & Kindness selection for one of our recipes, even though sometimes we find out a little late for the first posting (or we have to slightly change gears if the recipe isn’t from DC)?  Let me know what you think and please nominate a recipe (or two, depending on how you feel about the above question) from Dorie’s Cookies, with page numbers.


13 thoughts on “DC: February Nominations

  1. I can’t decide between Rose-Hibiscus Shortbread Fans (191) or
    Cocoa-Cayenne Cookies (450)

    I like synching up with Cookies & Kindness, but it seems as though the selections might not always come from Dorie’s Cookies.

  2. Smoky Hearts, pg 453

    I agree with Teresa, I like synching up with C&K too, but the selections might not be from Dorie’s Cookies, and if it was, it is a little too close for the first posting. Taking into account that some of us are baking from BCM as well, so timing is important to plan our bakes.

    • yes, exactly why i’m asking. i personally don’t mind going with the group majority for the first posting and seeing what Doris chooses for our second, but i know some of us would prefer to just know both recipes at once. wanted to get a feel for how everyone would like to proceed.

      please feel free to nominate a second recipe if you’d like.

  3. Kerrin’s multigrain chocolate chip cookies pp 122-124.

    I like syncing with the #cookiesandkindness recipe and I think this month was just a blip where 1. the recipe was later than usual and 2. the recipe was not from DC. Maybe ask Dorie because I know she planned the whole first few months and posted the list of recipes way back in Sept.

  4. Rose hibiscus shortbread, pg. 191. I have a new shortbread pan from the holidays that I”m dying to break in!

    Smoky Hearts, pg. 453. It is the month of Valentine’s Day after all!

    I love the idea of syncing up with #cookiesandkindness, but yeah, it drove me crazy not having it at the beginning of the month and then trying to find time to cram another recipe in since it wasn’t a DC recipe… I typically plan out my baking projects a month out, sometimes more, so it is important.

  5. Rose hibiscus shortbread, pg. 191.
    Kerrin’s multigrain chocolate chip cookies pp 122-124.

    I would prefer to know what recipes I am going to make in advance but it is not essential. I was happy to make another recipe from BCM this month. Maybe have Cookies and Kindness as a bonus selection? What ever the group decides is fine with me. Also there was a vote in BCM that was for Dorie’s Cookies recipes. Maybe it can get copied here?

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