BCM: February Recipes and P&Q

We have some time before the second Tuesday in February, but if you want to plot out your bakes, here’s what we’ll do:

Almond Stripes, page 296
Dark Chocolate Mousse, page 348

Remember that we bake on the second and fourth Tuesdays.  This post will also act as our P&Q post.  Let us know if you have any questions!

7 thoughts on “BCM: February Recipes and P&Q

  1. So, I made the Almond Stripes and was absolutely unable to pipe them – broke 2 x disposable piping bags in the process of trying. I ended up rolling the dough and cutting it into strips. Boo. I halved the recipe but was careful with my measurements – not sure what I did wrong?

  2. Yes, I was just going to post the same thing. I couldn’t pipe mine either but I kept adding more egg white until I could pipe. It took much more than one tablespoon. Also I baked mine longer than 10 minutes.

  3. has anyone made the mousse? i want to shrink the recipe to just make two servings, but know that using a sugar syrup with the eggs in such a small amount will be a disaster. i’m thinking of cooking/whisking the eggs with sugar zabagikne-style and proceeding with the rest of the steps as written. i think that will
    work, but if anyone has another suggestion, please lmk!

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