5 thoughts on “BCM: October Nominations

  1. Cream Cheese and Toast Tartlets, p 176
    Petite Apple Croustades, p 253

    FYI I have that we made the Olive Oil and Wine cookies. I posted in January 2017 but I stated it was a make-up so maybe in 2016?

  2. do you remember when dorie was doing something called “cookies & kindness” a couple of years ago? she chose that as one of her recipes to encourage people to bake and share cookies…i left it on the list because we never had it as a TWD group-vote recipe. i didn’t make it at the time, but i know several, like you, did. am happy to leave it on (and anyone who made it already can just repost when it’s chosen), or count it as completed (and anyone else can just rewind it at some point if they want).

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