9 thoughts on “BCM: July Nominations

  1. Tropical Tartlets (159)
    Merveilles (246)

    Those of you that live in humid climates might want to suggest when we should make Macarons. Those are affected by humidily? And should we save Carrement Chocolat, The Fancy Cake for the last bake? Tradition for the cover of book as last bake?

  2. i’m thinking we should save the cover cake for last. maybe we can do macs in sept/oct? (plus the mac biscotti recipe… the mac recipe in DC is the same as BCM, so maybe we can consider it done it at the same time and just have one post for both)

    i second your nominations!

  3. All suggestions sound great to me! I can’t believe we are almost done with the cookbook…this will be my second one (BWJ the first completes) . Crazy! I just love baking with all of you.

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